Worship & Music

The Worship Commission consists of the Rector, heads of all who support Worship (Altar Guild, ushers, acolytes, choirs, coordinators of lay people), and anyone else who may be interested. This group meets several times throughout the year to plan practical things such as worship times for Holy Week services as well as to talk about bigger picture things that could enhance our weekly worship services. If you have an interest in liturgy and would like to know more about this group, please contact either our Minister of Music, Maggie Marshall, or our Rector.

Additional information on the following subjects is available below:


Acolytes perform the following activities:

Membership is open to all ages, starting in 4th grade. You should already be baptized (please talk to the Rector if you are not baptized yet). The biggest issue is; can you sit through a service and follow it, while looking and acting like an angel. We have had some that can do that earlier than 4th grade and the Rector and the Acolyte Master will consider those on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact the Acolyte Master, the Rector, or the Minister of Music to learn more about acolyting at All Saints' Church.

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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild consists of about a dozen individuals who prepare and set up for all worship services (Sunday and Wednesday noon servises, weddings, funerals, and special events that take place in All Saints' worship space).

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Music Programs

All Saints' has an active music program with three vocal choirs and a bell choir. The success of the music program can be attributed to our Minister of Music, Maggie Marshall, and a number of volunteers, including: Liz Marshall as Handbell Director, Leah Cole as accompanist for the Children's Choir, and Connie Pawelczak as the Junior Choir accompanist.

The sections below provide an overview of the music programs at All Saints'. For detailed information regarding the year 2005, please refer the Music section of our Annual Report.

Please address any questions that you have regarding All Saints' Music Program to our Minister of Music.

Choirs at All Saints' Church

Childrens Choir

The Children's Choir is the smallest group, but is "where it all begins." This is typically the children's first exposure to choral singing, learning to follow notes and music is a major accomplishment. This group, for grades 2-4, focuses on unison singing.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir is for grades 4, 5, and up. This group performs more advanced music (e.g.: two or three part music). The Junior Choir has collaborated with the Trinity Church, Concord Junior Choir in services of Choral Evensong. During the Summer, a number of members of the Junior Choir attended a week at the Diocesan Choir Camp. held at the Barbara Harris Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield, NH.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir has members from age 15 on up. They sing at the 10:00 AM service on Sundays and at many Holy Day and Feast services.

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir played regularly throughout the year. This group continues to grow in confiendence as welll as expanding its scope in types of repertoire and technique.

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