The year 2004 marked a radical change for All Saints’ with respect to the stewardship commission. The Vestry helped form a group that is completely different from previous years – here’s how:

This year, we started the year-around process for stewardship, with several goals:

Our pledge program this year was themed: “How does your pledge bear fruit”, and it was a broad yet intensive program to help the parish understand where their money goes in the parish, and why pledging is so important.

Was the 2004 pledge drive a success? We'll let the numbers do the talking: pledge income went up more than 17%. We are so thankful for each parishioners’ careful consideration of their financial pledge this year, including those who were unable to increase their gifts for various reasons.

So what’s next? This spring, we will hopefully focus significant energy on developing a gifts’ discovery program to help us each discern the many gifts that God has given us (even if we don’t know what they are yet!). Also, we want to make sure that those who spend their time in the many ministries associated with All Saints’ (over 70 ministries in fact), realize that they are in fact bringing significant gifts of time and talent to those activities.

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Fundraising for the Parish

While parishioner gifts represent the major portion of the church's income, other fundraisers are critical in meeting the financial requirements of the church. Examples of those fundraising activities include:

Fundraising for the Diocese

There are two fundraising activities that are specifically targeted at raising money for diocese:

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