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By property, we mean our facility.

Topics covered below include:

Renewal Project

After many years of planning, fund raising, and praying, All Saints' undertook a large renovation effort in 2003. The results of this effort included:

For more information on All Saints' Facility, and our renovation experience, contact our Facility Space Manager.

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Space Usage and Rentals

Although not a reason to do the Parish Hall Renewal, it was understood that, once the work was done, individuals and organizations would probably want to use the beautiful new spaces. Such has been the case with increasing frequency in the ensuing years.

Ongoing users of the space have included:

As single events, we have had:

If you are interested in letting a space at All Saints', please visit our Space to Let page.

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Buildings and Grounds

The renewal effort was formally closed in early 2004, but the parish has continued with a renewed focus on updating and maintaining our facility.

Several memorial gifts have been received or pledged so far in support of beautifying the grounds of All Saints. Additional gifts will be accepted to further the landscaping project.

Special thanks need to be given to a number of our most steadfast contributors to Buildings & Grounds efforts: Norm and Carol Douglas, Edwin Redman, Deb Dutton, Oliver and Katherine Chamberlain, and Matt Castle for his Boy Scout Eagle project renovation of the Choir Room. I trust all the other volunteers not mentioned will also accept my thanks.

For additional details regarding All Saints' property during the year 2005 and some of our plans for 2006, please refer the Property section of our Annual Report.

For more information on our buildings and grounds, contact the head of our Buildings and Grounds Commission, Rich Jerome.

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