Outreach is the name given to parish's mission to reach out to the surrounding community. Our members are active in many program, and we give financial contributions to several organizations.

All Saints' outreach ministries include:

For detailed information regarding the year 2005, please refer to the Outreach section of our Annual Report.

If you would like to learn more about Outreach at All Saints', please contact our Outreach Coordinator.

Outreach Charter and Prayer

This outreach charter and pryer were developed during the summer of 2005. The charter charges the Outreach Development Team at all Saints Church to develop, through work and prayer, a vision of outreach for All Saints' Church by which we can fulfill Christís charge to ďstrive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.Ē and to pursue this vision, through our efforts to help those who are poor or vulnerable.

Outreach Charter

The Outreach Ministry will:

The Outreach Team is asked to consider:

Outreach Prayer

Lord, Help All Saintsí Church to do your will in the wider world around us. Strengthen us in your efforts to help those who are poor or vulnerable and to remember that ďWhatever you do for the least of these, you do for MeĒ. We ask that you give the Outreach Team the wisdom and courage to help the parish discern, define and act upon our mission to be Christís representatives to all nations. We ask this in Christís name.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell is the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International whose mission is to build simple, decent, affordable housing using volunteer labor. All Saints Church has been involved with Lowell Habitat for many years and has been a Habitat for Humanity Covenant Church since 1996. We support the local Habitat affiliate via financial donations, participating in Habitat fundraisers, and having members serve on committees and on the board of directors.

2004 saw the completion of the Harmony Way project on Charles Street in Lowell. This project provides housing for 6 families (12 adults and 25 children). Other projects were started in Reading and Concord and will be continuing into 2005. In 2004, All Saints gave a donation of $1000 to the affiliate. For a long time we had had a group of volunteers who worked at the job site for one Saturday a month but that did not happen last year. One parishioner retired from the Lowell Habitat board of directors in March and two from All Saints remain active on the Church Relations Committee.

In 2005, we would like to restart the volunteer group, if there is enough interest. If you would like to swing a hammer one day a month for Habitat, please contact contact Dave Kuzara or the Parish Administrator or the Rector. No prior experience or special skills are required. Also, if you donít feel that construction is your forte but might want to serve on a Habitat committee or help out in some other way, please get in touch with us.

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All Saints' Thrift Shop

The mission of the Thrift Shop is to support Christian education and youth programs in the parish. We have expanded this vision to include community outreach and capitol improvements to the Church property. The funds are raised from the profits generated by selling gently used clothing on consignment — see the Thrift Shop page.

For detailed information regarding the year 2005, please refer to the Thrift Shop section of our Annual Report.

If you would like to learn more about the Feeding Program, please contact our Thrift Shop Officers.

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Feeding Program

We continue to provide one meal each month on the second Wednesday in Lowell for the group of elderly and working poor who count on these meals each Monday and Wednesday to supplement their diets. A group of people from All Saintsí has been participating in this program for several years. Teams take turns cooking and serving the meals. Typically we meet at All Saintsí on our appointed Wednesday, cook a nourishing meal, and then bring the food to Lowell to serve the meal by 5:00 PM. When it is possible the Rector joins us to lead us in a blessing and then helps to serve the food. We encourage all who participate in this program to sit down and enjoy the fellowship of food and interaction with the participants.

For detailed information regarding the year 2005, please refer to the Feeding Program section of our Annual Report.

If you would like to learn more about the Feeding Program, please contact our Feeding Program Director.

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Penny Basket for the Feeding Program

The Penny Basket sits in the narthex (the area of the church between the front entrance and the sanctuary). People attending services are encouraged to deposit their loose change, or more, into the Penny Basket. These funds go towards the expenses of the Feeding Program.

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Environmental Stewardship

Over the past year, with our mission to act as loving stewards of Godís world in mind, we:

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Chernobyl Children Project

Over the past several years, a number of All Saints' families have opened their homes and hearts to children from the Chernobyl region. The children brought over from the Chernobyl region have been hand picked by Boston doctors, as children who could benefit from medical treatment, fresh air, and uncontaminated food and water.

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Angel Tree Program

Angel Tree is a national program originated by a former prison inmate who noticed how prisoners, unable to buy Christmas gifts, would wrap up toiletries donated to them by churches in order to have something for their children. Today, the program connects churches with incarcerated parents who place applications through their prison chaplains, serving over 500,000 children each year. All Saints' has participated in this ministry for a number of years.

For detailed information regarding the year 2005, please refer to the Angel Tree section of our Annual Report.

If you would like to learn more about Angel Tree participation at All Saints', please contact our Angel Tree Director.

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Chelmsford Alliance for Racial Justice

The Chelmsford Alliance for Racial Justice (CARJ) has continued over the last year as mostly a small core group. While we would love to discover the secret of increasing our level of participation, we have continued to meet fairly regularly, the 3d Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM. At this meeting, we may share our own experiences, discuss an article, or plan an event intended for the larger community. One such event this past year was a talk in September by Paul Marcus of Community Change on "Seeing the Matrix: Understanding the Nature of Institutional Racism". Earlier in the year, our guest was Roland Stead of the African-American Historical and Genealogical Society. We learned that genealogy can be especially challenging where slavery is involved due to the common practice of giving slaves only first names.

This is a time of change for CARJ as the primary leadership role has transitioned to long-time member Hooshmand Afshar. We look forward in the coming year to making energizing connections with like-minded groups in other towns, and to explore the connections among racism, terrorism, and our response to terrorism. I suppose it goes without saying, but any ASC parishioners who would like to explore the many faces of racism in our society would be most welcome to join us! Come to First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Chelmsford Center (we meet upstairs).

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