Coffee Hour

Equal Exchange coffee is now being served during Coffee Hour at All Saintsí Church. Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-op of small farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia. By avoiding expensive creditors, brokers, distributors, retailers and other middlemen, these small farming communities retain more of the financial resources they need to provide for their families.

Each week a family or individual in the Parish hosts Coffee Hour. A comprehensive hosting procedure and map of kitchen supply layout is available below or on the Parish Hall Kitchen bulletin board. We invite you to signing up to host a Coffee Hour after the 10:00 AM (9:00 AM in the summer), Sunday service. The schedule for the entire year is on the bulletin board. Reminder: snacks are completely optional; all supplies, including animal crackers for the kids, are consistently stocked in the kitchen.

If you have questions, please contact our Coffee Hour Coordinator.

Procedures for Hosting Coffee Hour

Before You Come to Church

Making snacks for the grown-ups is completely optional! If you would like to make/bring something, you should plan on 50-70 small servings. All other supplies (including animal crackers for the kiddies) are provided by Fellowship Hour donations and will be in the church kitchen.

Before the 10:00 AM (9:00 AM in the Summer), Sunday Service

Note: You'll want to consult the Kitchen layout for guidance on what goes where.

  1. Use Wall-Mounted Water Purifier to fill percolators to appropriate water fill line. Then install coffee baskets and dump Regular Coffee or Decaf Coffee into baskets. Pre-measured, clearly-labeled zip-lock bags are stored in the freezer, with the corresponding amount of water written on each bag. Push the coffee cart into the church hall & plug the percolators into outlet on the floor. Coffee takes about 1 hour to brew. There will also be cans of frozen apple juice in the freezer for the children. Use two per Sunday.
  2. Other supplies needed are the donation basket or dish, paper cups, sugar, sweeteners, and stirrers. Leave the cream in the refrigerator until Fellowship Hour starts. These can be placed on the table nearest to the coffee cart.
  3. Set up 2 tables with plastic table covers end-to-end lengthwise in the middle of the room and perpendicular to the coffee cart. Set out 1 or 2 trash cans lined with trash bags near the doors leading into the kitchen.
  4. Thaw 2 cans of apple juice concentrate during church service, and mix with water immediately after the service. Pre-fill kidís juice cups and set out on the childrenís table with animal crackers. Donít leave empty kidís cups on the table, as the cups make handy scoops for the animal crackers which will disappear quickly!
  5. If you brought snacks for the grown-ups, set these out on the tables in the middle of the room but not until the adults come downstairs. Otherwise the little munchkins will make off with a large portion of the food before anyone else has the chance to get some.

During Coffee Hour

  1. Maintain a supply of kidsí cups filled with juice, until interest wanes.
  2. Set out cream near the sugar and stirrers and keep the pitcher full.
  3. Smile and enjoy the great company & warm thanks!
  4. Before the end of the hour, after people have gotten their coffee and snacks, take the money from the donation basket to the counting team in the church office so they can include it with the offering money.

After Coffee Hour

  1. Wash out percolators. Coffee grounds should be disposed of in the trash cans.
  2. Wipe off table covers & put back in cabinet if not torn or stained.
  3. Wash out cream server and any other serving dishes and utensils and put away leftover supplies.

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